El Salvador is set to introduce Bitcoin education into its public school curriculum by the year 2024. This ambitious project is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education of El Salvador and the non-profit, non-governmental organization Mi Primer Bitcoin/My First Bitcoin (MPB/MFB).

A Transformative Partnership to Empower Educators

John Dennehy, the visionary founder of MPB, confirmed that their organization is actively supporting the Ministry of Education’s endeavor. Collaborating closely with Bitcoin Beach, MPB’s program “My First Bitcoin” will serve as the foundational resource for this educational revolution. Students participating in this program will receive a valuable diploma of completion.

To kickstart this initiative, training for the pilot program is scheduled to commence on September 7th. This is with the invaluable support of Bitcoin Beach. Furthermore, a cohort of 150 public school teachers from 75 schools will undergo comprehensive training. This will further help equip them with essential knowledge about Bitcoin.

Importantly, this training will serve as their bedrock, providing them with a “base knowledge” of this revolutionary digital currency.

El Salvador, as the pioneering nation to officially embrace Bitcoin, is poised to set an exemplary standard for the world. The Ministry of Education and MPB firmly believe that quality education is instrumental in shaping a positive future for the nation.

Following their initial training, these dedicated teachers will return to their respective schools. Afterwards, they will employ the curriculum meticulously crafted by the Ministry of Education. If the pilot program proves successful, it will be swiftly expanded to encompass every school across the country in the following year.

A Vision Realized and Widespread Impact

Reflecting on the journey, Dennehy expressed,

“When My First Bitcoin began two years ago, one of the dreams was to educate a nation. This is a significant step toward that.”

In a recent interview with Bitcoin Beach, Roman Martínez, the community leader, revealed that over 25,000 students in El Salvador have already embarked on their Bitcoin education journey within the classroom.

Dennehy envisions a global impact for this initiative. While El Salvador is currently at the forefront, the ultimate mission is to extend Bitcoin education to the world. He stated,

“El Salvador is leading the way with public Bitcoin education, and we expect other nations to follow suit. The world is watching.”

Sparking Interest Across Latin America and Expanding Horizons

Excitingly, MPB is already in preliminary discussions with two other governments in Latin America. These governments express a keen interest in adopting El Salvadorian-style Bitcoin education for their own students. This will further ignite the potential for a widespread movement.

On September 4th, Bitcoin Cuba took to social media to announce the opening of sign-ups for the inaugural edition of their very own version of Mi Primer Bitcoin/My First Bitcoin (MFB). This development marks a promising step forward in the global dissemination of Bitcoin education.

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