A parliamentary committee in Kenya’s government, tasked with investigating the Worldcoin project, has issued recommendations urging regulators to halt the project’s operations in the country.

The committee’s report, released on September 30, highlights Worldcoin’s continued collection of personal data from Kenyan residents, disregarding a prior order to cease these activities, potentially even involving minors. The committee has called for the disabling of Worldcoin’s virtual platforms and an investigation into the project’s companies for possible criminal charges.

Concerns Over Data Collection

The report points out that Worldcoin’s registration of Kenyan citizens through its online app persists despite legal orders and administrative directives to stop the process completely. Moreover, privacy concerns for Kenyan residents are cited in the report.

However, it remains challenging, if not impossible, to determine the number of “orbs” in the country. Orbs are devices used by Worldcoin to capture iris scans for identity verification.

Framework for Digital Assets and Virtual Asset Service Providers

Sept. 27 parliamentary report on Worldcoin activities in Kenya.

The committee’s recommendations extend beyond addressing the Worldcoin project. They call on the Kenyan government to contemplate the establishment of a comprehensive framework for digital assets and virtual asset service providers.

Additionally, the report suggests amending existing regulations to address cybercrimes and enhance tax reporting requirements in Kenya’s digital asset space.

Worldcoin Faces Global Scrutiny

Worldcoin, initially launched with the goal of distinguishing real individuals from bots online by utilizing retinal scans for identity verification, gained millions of sign-ups by July. However, it has come under the scrutiny of regulators worldwide, who assert that the project circumvents data protection and user privacy regulations and guidelines.

International Concerns Over Worldcoin project

Furthermore, regulators in Germany, Argentina, France, and United Kingdom have either expressed concerns about Worldcoin or initiated inquiries into its activities.

The Kenyan parliamentary committee’s recommendations to shut down the Worldcoin project in the country highlight the growing global concerns over data privacy and regulatory compliance in the digital asset space. These developments also underscore the need for robust frameworks and regulations to address emerging challenges in cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

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