DoraHacks is a prominent global hackathon organizer and multi-chain Web3 developer platform founded by Jiannan Zhang in 2014. Located in Beijing, China, this platform continues to drive innovation in the crypto world by fostering a vibrant hacker movement.

Dorahacks is on a mission to enable developers worldwide to collaborate, secure funding, and bring their ideas to life. With this, the platform has become a driving force in the blockchain ecosystem.

Transitioning to a decentralized future, DoraHacks facilitates collaboration among developers through hackathons, bounties, grants, grant DAOs, and public good staking. This financial backing has empowered these projects to push the boundaries of open source technology.

Over $30 Million in Grants Awarded to 4000+ Projects Worldwide

Dora Hacks is renowned for organizing exceptional hackathons that bring together brilliant minds from various backgrounds. These include community members, developers, researchers, and scientists. Through these hackathons, Dora Hacks has fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration. Additionally, this has helped encourage participants to explore groundbreaking ideas and projects. 

One of the key strengths of Dora Hacks lies in their strategic partnerships with other prominent web companies, amplifying the impact of these events. By teaming up with industry leaders, Dora Hacks creates opportunities for participants to access technologies and resources, enhancing the quality and potential of their projects. 

Notably, Dora Hacks has made a remarkable impact by giving away millions of dollars in prizes to winners and participants. Through this, acknowledging their dedication and excellence in driving technological advancements and solutions for real-world challenges.

With unwavering support from the global community, more than 4000 projects have received substantial grants and contributions exceeding $30 million. These prizes not only reward innovation but also serve as a catalyst for further progress and empowerment within the blockchain technology community.

Ongoing Hackathon Calendar

BNB Chain HackvolutionJuly 13- Sept 1, 2023Virtual$79,000 Available in PrizesApply Here
Comdex HackathonJune 16-Aug 26, 2023Virtual $100,000 Available in PrizesApply Here
XRPL Summer HackathonJune 5-Aug 21,20203Virtual$60,000 Available in PrizesApply Here
hack:DiDJuly7-Aug 10, 2023Virtual$16,000 Available in PrizesApply Here
iFi HackathonJuly 1- Aug 30, 2023Virtual$30,000 Available in PrizesApply Here
Neo APAC HackathonJuly 22-Oct 15, 2023Virtual/In-person$1,100,000 Available in PrizesRegister Here
ABGA & KLAYTN & ISKRA & CESS Web3 Gaming Hackathon 2023July 17-Sept 11, 2023Virtual/In-person$70,000 Available in PrizesApply Here
InnovateX – Nibiru Global HackathonJune 16- Aug 31, 2023Virtual$150,000 Available in PrizesApply Here
Taiwan Builder House 2023July 23- Aug 31, 2023Virtual/In-person$40,000 Available in PrizesApply Here
Exploring AI in Web3: A Data-Centric Hackathon ChallengeJuly 26- Aug 26, 2023Virtual$4,500Available in PrizesApply Here
Axelar Online Hackathon 2023July 1- Aug 31, 2023Virtual$15,000Available in PrizesApply Here

Upcoming Hackathon Calendar

Polygon EMEA DevXAug 1-Aug 31, 2023Virtual$80,000 Available in PrizesApply Here
Build on Glitch Hack 2023Aug 7- Sept 15, 2023Virtual$10,000 Available in PrizesApply Here
Creatorthon 2023Sept 1- Oct 1, 2023Virtual$25,000 Available in PrizesApply Here

Looking to the future, DoraHacks envisions revolutionizing the open source curation market. By equipping developers and connecting them to the right networks, the platform aims to address global challenges more effectively through collective innovation.

As DoraHacks continues to empower developers and strengthen the open source community, its impact on the world of Web3 development remains ever-lasting. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of decentralized technology, the future looks brighter than ever for DoraHacks and the global hacker movement.


Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: We encourage community members, developers, researchers, and scientists to participate and contribute to these exciting initiatives.

Q: Can I join if I’m already working on a project that fits this hackathon?

A: Absolutely. We welcome applications from developers who have existing ideas or projects in progress. However, project awards will be based on the judges’ scoring.

Q: Is there a fee to attend the hackathon?

A: No, it’s completely free!

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