ETHGlobal virtual hackathon dates have been announced.

ETHGlobal is a leading organization known for organizing hackathons focused on Ethereum and decentralized applications. Their events attract talented developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from around the world who come together to build innovative solutions using blockchain technology. 

With the intention of promoting collaboration, stimulating innovation, and fueling the expansion of the Ethereum ecosystem,ETHGlobal  has returned with two thrilling hackathons.

Superhack:ETHGlobal Virtual Hackathon

The global hackathon powerhouse, ETHGlobal, is all set to host its highly anticipated event, Superhack. This virtual hackathon promises to bring together the brightest minds in technology and innovation.

Scheduled to take place from August 4 to August 18, 2023, Superhack aims to foster collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving. It provides participants with an opportunity to build innovative projects using blockchain technology.

Furthermore, Superhack serves as a platform for developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. This is with the proliferation of blockchain-based solutions across various industries. They can showcase their skills and drive the next wave of blockchain innovation.

ETHGlobal has garnered a reputation for organizing some of the most prestigious and impactful hackathons. Therefore, Superhack is expected to be no exception.

Superhack: ETHGlobal Virtual Hackathon

Prize Pool and Categories

One of the standout features of Superhack is the massive prize pool, which boasts over $125,000 in rewards. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to compete for a wide range of prizes in various categories. This substantial prize pool not only adds an element of excitement to the hackathon but also highlights the commitment to reward exceptional talent in the blockchain space.

In addition, Superhack will be a fully virtual event. This will enable participants from all corners of the globe to come together and collaborate seamlessly. Additionally, attendees will have access to an extensive array of resources, including workshops, mentorship sessions, and networking opportunities. These resources provide them with the necessary guidance and support to bring their ideas to life.

Don’t Miss Out – Register Now for SuperHack

Registration for Superhack is now open. ETHGlobal encourages anyone passionate about blockchain technology and its potential to join this groundbreaking event. Whether you’re an experienced developer or a newcomer to the blockchain space, Superhack offers a unique platform to learn, grow, and make a tangible impact in the industry. If any of these pique your interest, we encourage you to apply here.

Moreover, as the countdown begins for Superhack, the global blockchain community eagerly awaits the unveiling of the groundbreaking projects that will emerge from this virtual gathering of brilliant minds. The commitment of ETHGlobal to pushing the boundaries of blockchain innovation and supporting the next generation of builders ensures that Superhack will be an event to remember.

For more information about Superhack and to register for the event, please visit the official website.

Circuit Breaker: ETHGlobal Virtual Hackathon

Circuit Breaker, another exciting event, is set to take place from August 25 to September 3, 2023. This event provides a platform for talented developers and blockchain enthusiasts to showcase their skills and push the boundaries of innovation in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Submission Guidelines

When it comes to the submission process, participants are encouraged to mark their calendars and prepare their projects for submission before the project submission deadline. This deadline is set for Sunday, September 3rd, 2023, at 12:00 pm EDT.

Circuitbreaker: ETHGlobal Virtual Hackathon

The submission process will be conducted through the Hacker Dashboard, where participants can find all the necessary forms and guidelines to complete their entries.

To ensure a comprehensive evaluation process, all project submissions must include a demo video between 2 and 4 minutes in length. This video should effectively explain the project’s concept, functionality, and the value it brings to the blockchain space. 

Notably, the live judging is scheduled to take place on Sunday, August 27th, 2023, at 05:30 pm EDT. It’s important to note that submitting a project does not automatically qualify participants for Live Judging. In the initial round of judging, all projects aiming to attend Live Judging will be reviewed asynchronously by the judges. For more information and registration, visit the Circuit Breaker info page.

ETHGlobal eagerly anticipates the incredible projects and ideas that will emerge during Circuit Breaker. By providing a virtual platform, this hackathon aims to bring together talented developers and innovators from around the world. This will foster collaboration and drive the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Hackathon Calendar

Circuit BreakerAug 25-Sept 6, 2023VirtualUnannounced yetApply HereAugust 23, 2023
SuperHackAug 4-Aug 18, 2023Virtual$125,000Apply HereAugust 2,2023

Empowering Innovation – ETHGlobal Hackathons

ETHGlobal remains committed to fostering innovation, supporting the Ethereum ecosystem, and empowering developers and entrepreneurs. These hackathons are just the latest testament to their dedication and determination to create opportunities for growth, learning, and impact within the global blockchain community.

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