The Optimism creator contest is a five week contest with a whooping 1,000,000 prize pool to celebrate onchain creators.

Optimism, founded in 2019 by Jinglan Wang, Benjamin Jones, Karl Floersch, and Kevin Ho, stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation with its optimistic rollup technology. Headquartered in the bustling city of New York, Optimism is more than just a company—it’s a decentralized infrastructure platform built on the Ethereum network, promising instant transactions and scalable smart contracts.

At its core, Optimism aims to revolutionize Ethereum’s transaction efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The platform’s optimistic rollup, conceived by the Plasma Group in June 2019, emerged as a game-changer for speeding up and reducing the costs of transactions on Ethereum.

Notably, the team’s collaboration with vital figures like Karl Floersch, who had closely worked with Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin, marked a significant milestone.

Unveiling We ❤️ The Art: An Onchain Celebration

Excitingly, Optimism just unveiled We ❤️ The Art creator contest. This is a five week creator contest with a 1,000,000 OP prize pool, judged by luminaries in the onchain creative space. It’s a global celebration of creative freedom, an open invitation for creators worldwide to push the boundaries on blockchains.

Reflecting the Superchain’s cooperative ethos, W❤️TA exemplifies the power of creative communities uniting. Much like Optimism’s inception, aiming for a fair, human-centric platform, W❤️TA recognizes art as a fundamental public good, deserving acknowledgment and reward.

Empowering Creators Onchain

Onchain creation offers creators unparalleled control over their work and community, fostering a profound connection between artist and patron. Optimism is thrilled to host a creator contest heralding the new era of onchain creators and communities.

With up to 184 potential winners, this contest is an opportunity for onchain creators to showcase their work to knowledgeable judges, gain exposure for their onchain creations, and potentially earn Optimism’s governance token.

Prizes Tiers: A Symphony of Rewards

Amazingly, there’s a 1,000,000 OP prize pool to elevate and reward this thriving creative surge! The 1,000,000 OP prize pool is distributed across four categories, each with the same four prize tiers, ensuring a fair and rewarding experience for creators.

1. 1st Tier: 50K OP prize (1 winner per category)

2. 2nd Tier: 20K OP prize (5 winners per category)

3. 3rd Tier: 7K OP prize (10 winners per category)

4. 4th Tier: 1K OP prize (30 winners per category)

Diverse Contest Categories: A Canvas For Every Creator

Furthermore, this contest spans the 5 diverse spectrum of onchain creativity and the categories are:

1. A.I Art: Art created through generative AI tools like Stable Diffusion.

2. Generative Art: Art crafted end-to-end with code.

3. Music: Diverse musical creations of any genre.

4. 1of1s: An open creator category encompassing anything not covered in the previous three.

Participation and Key Dates: Mark Your Calendar

To participate, creators need to deploy a collection of onchain artwork to OP Mainnet using NFT tools and marketplaces partnered with the contest. The submission deadline is December 13th, 23:00 UTC, with the judging period taking place from Dec 14th to Dec 20th.

A distinguished panel of judges from the NFT space will review submissions, and winners will be announced shortly after the judging period. It’s an opportunity for creators to not only gain exposure for their onchain works but also potentially be rewarded with Optimism’s governance token.

For more information, visit the Optimism contest website.

Let the Art Begin!

We ❤️ The Art is more than a contest; it’s a celebration of boundless creativity that thrives onchain—an invitation to creators worldwide to join the movement, express themselves, and leave an indelible mark on the ever-expanding canvas of blockchain and web3. The stage is set, the canvas is yours—let the artistry unfold.

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