LayerZero and Telos Network Blockchain Integration

LayerZero, a cross-chain bridging protocol, has integrated with Telos Network, a layer-1 blockchain compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) standards. This integration allows seamless asset transfers between Telos, Ethereum, Arbitrum, BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche, promoting interoperability in the Web3 space.

Fantom’s Sonic Test Network

Fantom, a smart-contracts blockchain, introduced its Sonic technology stack to replace Opera. Sonic is expected to achieve over 2,000 transactions per second with sub-second finality and reduced storage requirements, enhancing the platform’s efficiency.

Aleo’s zPass Digital Identity Solution

Aleo, a privacy-focused protocol, unveiled zPass, a decentralized digital identity solution. Set to launch with Aleo’s mainnet, zPass uses zero-knowledge cryptography for secure decentralized identity verification, allowing selective information sharing while protecting sensitive data.

Mastercard’s Collaboration Exploration

Mastercard is exploring potential collaborations with self-custody wallet providers like MetaMask and Ledger to offer payment cards for increased user engagement and frictionless crypto spending.

Bitmain’s “Aleo Antminer”

Latest Blockchain and Protocol Developments Unlock Web3 Potential

Bitmain, a crypto mining-machine manufacturer, is planning the “Aleo Antminer” to support Aleo, a privacy-focused layer-1 blockchain using zero-knowledge cryptography.

Celestia Labs’ Blobstream

Celestia Labs introduced Blobstream (formerly Quantum Gravity Bridge), enabling data commitments for the Celestia blockchain using an onchain light client. This technology simplifies the development of high-throughput Layer 2 solutions.

Lightspark’s Universal Money Address (UMA) Standard

Lightspark, a Lightning Network-focused payments protocol, introduced the UMA standard. UMA addresses allow secure, near-instant open payments in any currency and messaging support for compliance and currency exchange.

Blockaid’s $27 Million Funding

Blockaid, a Web3 security company serving firms like Metamask and Opensea, raised $27 million in a Series A round to address ongoing security challenges.

Gravity (GRVT) Self-Custodial Crypto Exchange

Gravity launched a hybrid exchange using Matter Labs’ ZK Stack, offering high throughput and low latency trading similar to centralized exchanges.

Coinbase’s Base Bootcamp

Coinbase’s Base blockchain introduced “Base Bootcamp,” an eight-week immersive program designed for experienced developers interested in smart contract development. Applications for the upcoming cohort will close on October 27.

These developments span various aspects of the crypto and blockchain space, from interoperability solutions to privacy-focused identity verification and smart contract development programs.

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