Google Cloud has expanded its involvement in the blockchain realm, assuming the role of a validator for various blockchain networks such as Polygon PoS, Celo, and Tezos. The tech giant has now extended its support to XPLA, a gaming-focused blockchain network, positioning itself as a validator to propel the growth of the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Google Cloud’s Inclusion as XPLA Validator

In an official statement from XPLA, it was announced that Google Cloud will actively participate in the XPLA ecosystem as a voluntary validator. This collaborative effort aims to bolster the security measures of the XPLA network while contributing substantial value to the broader web3 industry.

The collaboration intends to strengthen XPLA’s security measures while aligning with its overarching vision of creating an expansive gaming universe enriched with immersive experiences. The official announcement highlighted this effort, stating,

This collaboration with Google Cloud is aimed at fortifying the security of XPLA and advancing our vision of building a gaming universe with immersive experiences.

Paul Kim’s Perspective

Paul Kim, CEO of XPLA, expressed confidence in the partnership with Google Cloud, emphasizing its potential to equip his company with advanced technological capabilities. He remarked,

Through this collaboration, XPLA can secure advanced IT technology and insights into future industries.

XPLA’s Focus and Development

XPLA operates as a layer 1 blockchain with a specific focus on digital content and blockchain-based gaming. Originating from the South Korean game development company, Com2uS, XPLA embodies a vision of integrating blockchain technology into gaming experiences.

Google Cloud’s Expanding Support for Web3

Google Cloud Joins XPLA as a Validator, Strengthening Web3 Gaming .

Google Cloud’s recent engagement in bolstering the Web3 ecosystem includes not only its involvement with XPLA, but also its validation roles within other blockchain networks such as Polygon (PoS), Celo, and Tezos. Additionally, the tech giant has actively tailored bespoke solutions and encouraged blockchain startups to leverage its offerings for their development.

Google Cloud’s partnership with XPLA as a validator marks another step toward fortifying the Web3 gaming landscape. The collaboration aims to reinforce security measures within XPLA while signaling Google Cloud’s commitment to supporting blockchain technology across various industries.

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